Connecting records created by record rules together?

So, my use case is for a manufacturing/e-commerce system to keep a live track of stock numbers.

Each time a new batch of material is created several new records need to be created. A new item in the finished stock field needs to be created with the core material and Batch number combined (it needs to be a new record because there is individual stock assigned to each batch that cannot be mixed together when shipped out).

It also needs to create a new record in a field which hosts the barcodes and calculations for stock figures.

The barcode hosting object connects to the finished stock object for display purposes in a table. However, when using a record rule you cannot update the connection field to link to the new finished stock record.

For example, if I create a test material in the finished stock object with a barcode of 999.
I then create a new batch of test material with the batch number of 66 via a form.
A new Barcode Storage record is created with the barcode of 99966 (this works fine)
A new Finished Stock item called Test Material 66 also needs to be created and LINKED to the 99966 barcode record so the correct stock quantities can be added and subtracted in the live app when the code is scanned.

This does not happen. Using record rules the new Barcode Storage Record is either blank, or the connection field automatically connects to the original Test Material stock item and subtracts stock from that item as opposed to Test Material 66.

I have tried numerous automation tools such as integromat and Zapier but I have not found anything which would obviously help for this use case and I am hoping that someone on here may be able to assist.

Further information and clarification can definitely be provided if necessary!


I think this is achievable without integration. Would it be possible to combine 2/3 objects you are trying to connect so we have a one - to - one connection that we can then manipulate the results at page/table level via text formula?