Conditional Rules

I’m trying to get the Amount Field to populate with the calculated “Increase Annual $'s” amount using the following logic:

When Transaction Type is “INCREASE”

Set to a field value Increase Annual $'s value.

I’ve tried a number of different things w/ no success.

Any ideas as to why it won’t work?


Don’t use the quotes in your actual evaluation.

Thanks Peter. I just did that in the explanation. This is how it’s setup:


Hey @John7 - it looks like your either adding or editing a record. If so, the conditional rule only updates when the record has been submitted, it doesn’t calculate on the fly.
You should be able to remove the Amount field from the view as it will update once the form is submitted and the record rules fire.

Thanks Carl. This makes total sense :grin:

I appreciate the feedback!

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Hi @John7 - I’m glad that made sense.
Conditional and Record rules don’t run until a record is submitted.
Display rules work on forms dynamically to show/hide fields based on the rules set.
Happy building :+1::rocket: