Rules on file uploads

Hi all,

I am having some real issues getting a field to update when adding a PDF file in inline editing.

I need a status field to change when a file is uploaded, for example when file is uploaded (i.e. not blank), change status of another field to one of four options. It works every other way, but for some reason not with the file options.

I have tried setting it up in pages, and also in the database as a conditional rule, but none of these work.

Any ideas or suggestions?


Hi Chris,

I tested a solution out that you mentioned with conditional rules. I simply created a File field and a Multiple Choice field in a test table. I added the following conditional rule you can see in the screenshot below to the Multiple Choice field. Now, when I add a new record and include a File value, the Multiple Choice field value is automatically set to “Second Choice”.

If this is what you tried and the conditional rule is not updating the value of your status field that you mentioned, please reach out to our support team to see what could be causing that.

I also tested this out with a Form view by adding a record rule as you can see in the screenshot below (after removing the condition rule from the Multiple Choice field), and I was able to confirm that record rules worked with the File field as expected as well.

We definitely would love the opportunity to get this configured for you to work in your app as it should. In the meantime, we have articles on conditional rules and records rules with further helpful info:

Thank you for sharing, and please let me know here if you have any questions about what I shared above. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this Les, I have been trying to get this sorted all day!. I managed to sort it out 3 minutes before I got notified of this post (as I’d set up an email rule to test it), and it turns out it was my error. :neutral_face:

I had conflicting conditional rules, so my work around was to add another option with slightly different wording, so that the conflict was resolved.

Thanks again for your help, it is much appreciated :+1:

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Ah, happens to all of us!

I’m very happy to hear you were able to get it all sorted out! :partying_face:

Happy Building! :rocket: