Importing records and conditional rules

Hi there, 

I have to import payment records twice a month, I can import the records fine however, I cannot seem to get the conditional rules to act on import. They work fine when using a form but fails to change when importing a record. 

For example:

  • A customer pays £10 the status remains or changes to "payment up to date".
  • A customer missed a payment of £10 the status changes to "Missed Payment"

As I say this works when using a form but I can't action the status change when importing the records. 

Thanks in advance.


Hi David, 

Thanks for your response. 

I have tried as you suggested but unfortunately it didn't work. 

Just to add the payment status is a connection, so the status is in a different data object to where the payments are logged. 

Many thanks, 


Hey Lee, something that you can try is running a bulk update on all the records that doesn't change any fields. That should trigger conditional fields to update.