Update value for conditional rule field

I have a field with a conditional rule based on another yes/no field value.

The conditional rule sets the right value based on the existing yes/no field value...but does not update when that yes/no field value changes.

Is there a way to make conditional rules update?

I noticed this text on the conditional rules page...but am not sure what it means.


  • Values are not "reset" when the criteria that set the value are no longer true. You must have an opposite rule to set the value to its new state.

You could use Zapier, triggered by a record update to then change the values - my only concern is whether this would cause an infinite loop because the record would be updated again. I haven't tested this so don't know if the Zapier record update would re-trigger the Zap.

Thanks Chris and Max.

The conditional values do seem to update with a form, if I set record rules.

Unfortunately, tasks won't help, we need the updates to be live.

I wanted this to work with inline edits...but that does not seem possible to update conditional values live with inline edits...at least from what I've tried.

The way I use it, is to set a value if the Yes/ No field is set to Yes; and to set a value for when the Yes/ No field is set to No.

That way it will change depending on the value of the Yes/ No field.

You should be able to run a "Task" that updates your conditional rule based on whatever criteria you specify. Tasks execute by a predetermined time instead of something happening. If you need updates based on forms being submitted then go to your form object and click "Form Rules" > "Record Rules".