Allow Conditional Rule Fields To Be Inserted Into Form Views

I have an app that uses many conditional rules on fields. For example, I have three fields: bill rate (auto), bill rate (manual override), bill rate (final). The bill rate (final) determines which of the former two fields to source from as its value using conditional rules.

When I’m using forms, there are times when I’d like to display this conditional field as read-only within the form so that I can arrange it in logical places above other editable fields, however the field is greyed out as a selection to drop into the form due to it being conditional.

The current workaround is to remove the conditional logic, place it in the form as read-only, then re-add the conditional logic, which still allows it to sit in the form. This can be tedious when there are a lot of conditional rules to remove/re-add in the field.

The other workaround is having a details view above the form view with all these read-only fields, but this sometimes isn’t very user-friendly.

The ideal solution would be to allow these conditional ruled fields to be added in as ‘read-only’ only on form views.


Good call, I’ve never thought of adding the field as a non conditional field and then changing the field type back to conditional after it’s successfully on the form. Nice workaround that I never thought of :rofl:

Be even better, as you state, if we could add them to an edit form as read only rather than them being greyed out.

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Hi, Stephen and Carl!

Thank you for sharing this and with such a great explanation! I agree that this would be wonderful to implement.

I have shared this with Product, and I will share any updates on this request as they come.

Happy Friday! :partying_face: