Referencing Other Fields in Validation Rules OR Making Conditionally Ruled Records Editable

The scenario is comparing a Start Date and an End Date, and making sure the Start Date is before/on the End Date, and the End Date after/on the Start Date.

At present, Conditional Rules allow you to reference another field's value to set to a desired value, however once setting a conditional rule to a field, it makes it uneditable manually.

Therefore one would turn to Validation Rules to make a warning emerge when the conditional is as above. Unfortunately, the same dropdown option doesn't exist in Validation Rules to choose between a custom value and a field value.

The request is therefore either:
1. To make a record editable despite having a conditional rule set upon it
2. Make Validation Rules use the same field value referencing function as Conditional Rules does.

Have been scouring trying to find out how to do this very thing.

I am hoping this is in the works.

This is needed. So many examples where Validation needs to work off other record values rather than a hardcoded custom value. For example, a Freight Shipment where its Origin must not equal its Destination. Or a Currency Exchange Rate pair, where the configured Base currency must not be the same as the Quote currency. The list goes on.

I need this as well.

I come across this scenario often and either option you outlined would solve my problem.

I also asked the same feature to include, and explained them a context where I need a field reference in validation rules.


My vote for this.