Advanced Field Validation

Numeric ranges, character length, custom masks, etc.

I am trying to use Validation rules for the first time and it appears what I'm looking for is not available. So this is a feature request, OR, if this is possible, some guidance please.

On my form, I have an email field. I have a Record Rule to insert a new "sub" user role/record using that email field. It appears that I am able to create duplicate sub-user records (only one main user record though) with the same email address. What I want is to return a validation error when the email address matches an existing user record (just like the built-in Account Creation form does). Is this possible currently? Or is the only way to get email validation by using the built-in Account Creation form?


Would love to see something like this ( to check for an existing record on post or on leaving the field.



Validation Rules are now available for Database Fields. To add validation rules, navigate to the field needing validation and click on the Field Settings icon:

Similar to Conditional Rules, you can add as many rules as needed. All conditions in a single rule cluster must be true in order for the Error message to trigger:

As always, please contact Support if you run into any issues.

It would be great to be able to display records based on these date rules:

date is before tomorrow and after a specified date

date is before or after another date field in the record

any updates on this?

It would be great to have the date field not to let you choose between a date range… for example DOB can begin from 1/1/1900 to current - this way is safer… and so on.


It would be great to be able to validate dates. Helpful options would be

date is before or after current date

date is before a specified date and after a specified date

date is before tomorrow and after a specified date

date is before or after another date field in the record

I think this should also apply to API calls, and not just client-side JavaScript.

Probably a double-level validation is needed: one defined at object level, and one defined on a per-form basis.

Please include formula values. Input value X and Y must never allow value Z from an equation to be such and such.

It would be great!
For example, I now use a custom script to determine the number of characters (with spaces and no spaces) in the rich text field. The number of characters being counted when a onklick event is copied in a specific form field.
A script can clear the text from the extra spaces.


Technically you can do this using custom javascript code.  It might make sense to have some default options you can select though.

There is date ranges. For the search have 2 date searches. One for after date x and the other for before date y-for a range in between.

Date ranges