Validation Rules, using a date from another field


We have two date fields, field 1 named "reservation date" , and field 2 named "move in date". In field 2 we would like to allow entries only 3 days from field 1, so if a date is entered 4 days from field 1, an error message would appear. We set up validation rules as follows:

FIELD : "move in date" --> FIELD OPTIONS --> VALIDATION RULES , configuration below :

Use rules to validate the "move in date" value.

(checked) Add field valdiation rules

When "reservation date" "is before the previous" "3" "days"

Message Show message "ERROR"


Even with the rules give above if we enter a date in field 2 which is more than 3 days from field 1, we do not get an error message. We tried different conditions but we cant get it. Are there any suggestions on the correct "if when" statement ?


Thanks for the work around, we tried it, and it worked nicely. But if we have more than a few days days as our option, like 15 days it would add up to lots of new fields. We just changed the questioning process, and did this solution:

Field 1 (date): Reservation date

Field 2 (number) : In how many days do you want to move in (lessee)

**In field 2, we set validation rules as follows: when "{field 2}" "is higher than" "3" message "ERROR: you need to move in with 3 days of reservation"

Field 3 (equation) : move in date

**In field 3 we set equation type as date, and used the formula {field 1} + {field 2}

If you need to allow 1 and 2 day move in dates, you would need to add 2 more equations and multiple choice field to choose which equation to use.

By using that validation rule, It is checking to see if the reservation is before the previous 3 days from the current date. From my test, I don't think you will be able to do it with a validation rule.

My work around would be to make a new equation field that is {Reservation}+3.

After that, on your move in date field, make a conditional rule that make Move In Date to the equation field.

Then the move in date would be automatically set based on the reservation date.

Not sure I explained that as simple as I could, but if you have questions, just ask.