Does anyone know a way to conditionally lock a form field?

In an edit view, I need a way to conditionally lock a field to be read only if another field has a certain value, as in:

if BUSINESS = X then make the field for STORE to be read only.

Noting that BUSINESS is a field in the associated record but is NOT displayed on the form. (but I guess I could display it as a read only field if it needs to be there to make this work)

Any idea how to do this either through the Builder or with code?


It’s possible with code. you need to add 2 views… detail view and form view. if the condition matches then show fields from detail view and remove them form view.

Sunny Singla

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Thanks Sunny for pointing me in the right direction - I just duplicated the view and changed the field in the second view and used the business as the decision point for which view to display. Simples. Should have thought of it myself - clearly having a bad day.