Object row level locking

Hi Everyone,

I have got into a situation where I want to lock one row when a user is editing it so that other users cannot edit/ open/ use that record untill it is released by the user who is editing it first. Once it is edited / updated then it can be used by other users. Please help.


Shailendra J

Hi Brad,

Thanks for your reply. Further, I will try the solution you have given and will get back to you.


Shailendra J

All I can think of is a combination of a 2-step edit process with page rules & Javascript.

  1. Table has a Yes/No field: 'Locked'
  2. First edit form doesn't need any fields, with a record rule to set 'Locked' to Yes. This page has a redirect rule back to the parent if 'Locked' is already set to Yes.
  3. Second edit form is the real one with all the fields needed.
  4. Javascript is then used to auto-submit Edit Form 1 when 'Locked' = No.

Haven't tested any of this of course but there is auto-submit JS code in the developer docs.

And I imagine if you're after record locking then UI changes won't work due to a lack of concurrency (e.g. hiding edit links/buttons if 'Locked' = Yes).

Keen to hear how you go with this Shailendra.