Record live edit status and locking the record for others

I have a system where multiple users with their different user roles. In my table a particular record can be edited by multiple people. I would like the user to see the status of the record while other user is editing a particular record. And while one user is editing a particular record, that record should be locked for other users to edit!

Hi Asokan,

what about if you initiate the editing via a two-step approach (trigger + update form in a subsequent child page) instead of inline editing.

With this trigger you only change the status of the record to “Locked” (this status is visible for the other users and hides the trigger button via a display rule). Then, the trigger takes the user to a child page where the actual editing will be carried out via a form. By submitting the form, the status “Locked” will be reset by a record rule.

I use a similar approach when i offer a button for “soft-deletion” of records with a with a final check “do you really want to delete?”

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Thank you Brotz!
Indeed a good Suggestion! Let me try!