Lock record on edit entry

We need to be able to lock a record as soon as it is in edit mode ... currently 2 people working on the same 'work to' list can access the same record and potentially edit/work on it at the same time ... very dangerous ...

Agreed. What you could do is write some javascript code:

on rendering of the edit form

GET ID of record being edited, based on say an incremental record number which could be in a hidden view somewhere

if (flag = within last 30 seconds) {

hide edit view // show a warning message etc

} else {

PUT flag = javascript getTime() //number of milliseconds since 1970

wait 30 seconds, repeat


and then on edit form submission, just set a record rule to make flag = "1" or something like that.

Not perfect e.g if user closes edit tab without actually pressing "save" then that record could be "locked" for 30s. Plus an API call every 30s will eat in to your limit.