Read Only fields on forms

In a form it would be good if there were read only groups or read only form elements. If you want to restrict what is edited you have to leave that info off the form, but that makes it harder for the user to know what record they are editing.


I would like to be able to add Read-Only/Formula fields to a form for reminding the user of a value or for use in the filter.



Yes, we need this on an "Add" form.

We have a form where our Data Entry person knows a number that is associated with a property (real estate), but she wants to verify the name for that property before continuing to add the information.

Hope this is an added feature. If it exists in an Edit form, is it technically difficult to add this functionality to the Add form as well?

Edit the form view, then edit the input and you'll see a checkbox.

Neither could I. Are they supposed to be a combo text field or something? Is there a page we can go to in order to learn the dos and don'ts of the new features?

We've already discovered several bugs, but some things we're just not aware of how you expect us to use them.

This will be one of the new features included in the new builder that will be launching soon.

Yes also want this - we need to keep some constant values visible (like tax % or credit card surcharges, but they should not be editable, but need to be used in equations). Currently it seems you cannot do this in a easy manner - and transparent for the user. An read-only field on the form would solve all those problems.

It would be good if you at least add a Text Combo field on the form. For example, I have an Item Name. I made a Text Combo called Item Name Display with the formula simply Item Name. However, you cannot add it to a form as it only allows input fields. Any chance on getting Text Combo fields to display on the form?

I need this as well. When you edit something its unclear on what you are editing.

Read-only form elements would be great to have. However, adding a 'Details' view above the edit form does work in my particular instance- thanks for the suggestion.

A work around for this is to create a Text Combo. Since this is a type of formula, it won't let users change the values. The ideal implementation of this feature would be within the current Display Rule feature. A field could be made read-only in a similar way to how it's hidden or the label is changed.

We're torn on this. It makes some sense but also introduces complexity to the form view that we'd prefer to avoid. For now we recommend adding a Details View above the form to communicate any useful read-only fields.

I totally agree.