Disable Input Field

In a Form, it is sometimes necessary to allow users to see but not edit data in a field... Because it is not possible for a Form to display record Details, please add the ability to display but disable-from-editing a certain field.

Thanks for the update Laura, and I like the feature, it works well on the edit forms.

I have needed it before on the Add forms because I would like the user to know what a default value will be or that the field will be set when the form is submitted, so for convenience sake would like to see the functionality there too...



This is available when editing an input field on an Edit Form, with the Read Only checkbox "Display the field value without a form input". It is not allowed on an Add Form as the field values are not yet set for that record being added.

This would be a nice feature. A work around that I've used before is to include a Detail View above the form with the fields you care about.




It would really nice if you could toggle Read/Write on a form field using a new display action within FORM RULES> Display Rules

For example,
Form has field for “ETC_Update_Flag” to flag an estimate change.
“Estimate to Complete” stores an updated estimate.

If the following rules match
ETC_Update_Flag = No
Then do the following
Set Read Only : “Estimate to Complete”

If the following rules match
ETC_Update_Flag = Yes
Then do the following
Set Read/Write : “Estimate to Complete”

Then we can use the trigger other actions (emails, update connected rules) if the condition (i.e ETC_Update_Flag) has changed.