Disable Fields On Edit form

Sometimes you want a user to change only certain fields of a record. Seems like a simple matter to be able to disable particular fields on an edit form. I know the underlying HTML is very simple. It'd be nice to just have a checkbox "Disable When Editing". I tried a Text Combo with a single field from the object but that can't be added to the Interface form.


You can use the following CSS code to disable a dropdown field input. Replace the ## with your forms view_#, this will affect all these field types on the form though, you would need to target the specific field if there are multiple dropdowns:

Connection field dropdown:

#view_## .chzn-container{pointer-events:none;}

MC field dropdown:

#view_## .kn-select{pointer-events:none;}

You might try something like this:

$(document).on('knack-view-render.view_154', function(event, view, data) {

   $('#view_156-field_36').attr("disabled", true);


You can use the browser inspection tool to find the appropriate id they use to access the field - it seems to vary.

In the meantime, can this be achieved with Javascript?