Combined account creation and e-commerce

Hi, Has anyone else managed to combine account creation and login, with e-commerce. As far as I can tell - e-commerce is restricted to logged in users.

In one of our applications, we are selling accounts.... and the work flow is horrible.

I've got a form that creates the account. No Problem.

This requires that the user then log in (!) in order to access a restricted page that enables them to purchase.

The workflow is the wrong way round for most (all?) other shopping carts which puts the sale front and centre and account creation as a subordinate second.

Many databases (Filemaker for example) have a script step to re-login the user as they switch roles but I cant find this in Knack.

I am looking for any ideas about how to automate account creation as part of a purchase. I have a funny feeling we're going to have to use a third party cart and zapier.... but I hope not.