Cannot update or delete field because another update or delete is in progress. Please try again later

I had a big bulk update I canceled, but now I am receiving this message any time I try to update a conditionally populated field. It has been a couple of hours.

If you’ve refreshed the table and it hasn’t reset its possible the job is still running or it’s got stuck. I’d highly recommended raising a ticket with support so they can investigate for you and resolve. Unfortunately there isn’t workaround.

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We had a similar issue where we changed a field type for a small grid of about 600 records and it hung for about 1/2 hour or so and we couldn’t access the grid via the back end or anything accessing it via the front end. It was a bit disconcerting but eventually came right on its own.

Well itis still happening and I cannot open a ticket because I get a cannot connect to captcha error

Good times.

You could also email or use the Service Hub Form :blush:

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