Bug when updating records? - data not updating on form view!

Does anyone experience this? It is all working fine until I updated this records table (basically, it is a cascading/dependency dropdown) and on the form view, the data is not updated. I even deleted the form view and redo it again, logout/login back, but still showing the old data.

Updated job category column highlighted with yellow.

Form view dropdown - jobcategory is showing old data

Hey @RONALD1 - I can’t determine your specific issue from the image and details provided. :man_shrugging:
I’ve never experienced a similar situation using cascading drop downs where the data is old.
If you have found a bug then it needs to be reported to support@knack.com.
Please note, you don’t need to log out and back in. If you make a structural change to you application you need to refresh the live app browser to pull through the update.
There is the possibility that the build could be the issue but it’s not clear from the information provided.
Knack support will be able to determine if it is a bug or a build issue. Please keep in mind that they don’t provide free training. :blush:
I’d be happy to jump in but my time is chargeable for this type of work as it is outside the scope of a simple reply, in my opinion :+1:
PS - this is not a sales pitch, I’m fully booked through to the new year, just trying to offer help if needed.

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@CarlHolmes sorry just figure it out how to do it and will going to do a video and share it in the community :slight_smile: Thanks so much!