Audit and connected Checklist


I am a new user of Knack, really enjoying this app.

I am developping an quality management app (audit plan, non conformance, corrective actions etc.).


I am facing an problem for which I would need some advices :

- I have created two data objects :




AUDITS connects to CHECKLIST (many to many)


My checklists are composed of :

- A scope

- N Questions

- N Answers (yes/no)


What I would like to do: 

- When an audit is performed (=edited)

- Display the associated CHECKLIST

- Allow the user to complete the CHECKLIST (yes/no) 

- Keep record of the checklist used during this specific audit and its response


Which means that the original (and empty) checklist can be re-used later for another audit.

Is it possible to do this with knack please ? 


Thank you for your advice.