Allow "Rules" to apply to "Inline Editing"


This would be awesome. 

Agreed, inline editing rules would be VERY helpful.

Along with inline editing rules, having rules if things happen by the api would be great as well

My customers would benefit from this feature. 

Yes, would love notifications for inline updates.

+1  :)


You have my vote here as well, has this been noted by Knack? Would be great to get in the near future.

would be a huge help for me and my clients as well




I think I just did this, sort of.

I am using Zapier to send user updates to Mailchimp, but Zapier could send an email instead.....


I would also love to see this option. Knack has the ability to send email already, instead of having to set the rule for a form, why not allow us to set a rule for an object instead. That way it does not matter if it is updated in a form, inline, or from the api. 

I am currently using zapier to send all of my emails. This is the only way I can ensure that all emails go out no matter where the record is updated from. It sucks that I have to pay an extra $50 per month just because Knack has limited functionality.