User Roles - Synchronising non-standard fields across role sub-types


  • I have created several user role types under the main Accounts role. I'll call these sub-roles here.
  • I have added non-standard fields to each of the sub-roles but in the most part they are the same across all the sub-roles, e.g. Address and Phone fields.
  • Updating a non-standard field in one of the sub-type does not update in the same named filed in the other sub-role tables.

My question...

What is the best way to synchronise the data from a record in one sub-role table to other records in other sub-roles tables where the User is the same (using the email address as the unique ID field)?

Thanks very much Ajay. I'll give it a try.


PS Apologies for not thanking you sooner for taking the time to help me!


If I understood the problem correctly.

Instead of adding non-standard fields to each sub-role type, you can add common non-standard fields in main accounts role. And then if you have some unique non-standard fields related to a particular sub-role, you can add those in that sub-role table.

In your application when you have to update the entire user profile through a form. You have to create two different form views one to update main account role and second to update sub-role.

Hope this helps!