URGENT - Table "Loading Records..." after edit

I edited a field and now the table is "loading records…

this is our cart table and is causing carts not to load for users, we just launched today and sent an email blast and have thousands of people using the app right now.

I opened a ticket but I need this to work NOW, does anyone know of a quick fix for this.

Hi, @JBS!

Please let me know if you haven’t heard from our team, but I’ve alerted the support team and they have found what seems to be your ticket a bit ago. I’ll be keeping an eye here in this thread in case not. Thank you for your patience!

I have the same issue. Edit is causing forever message “loading records…”

Hi @Monika!

Unfortunately, if you are having the same issue, there is no quick fix.

We would love to get this corrected for you! Would you mind submitting a support ticket via the chat widget in the Builder or by submitting this form here? If you do decide to reach out to our support team, please feel free to let me know your support ticket number, and I will ensure that your ticket is answered promptly. :slight_smile: