URGENT - anyone got a number for Knack

has anyone got a phone number for knack - a task has gone wrong and is sending out let’s just say a lot of emails - and it keeps crashing and trying to restart… it’s been going on for 4 hours…

can anyone pvy msg me a phone number - no reply on live chat or emails from knack as usual - my last message took 3 days to respond to

Hi @AndrewUK - there is no telephone number for Knack. I have a partner relationship with a couple of the support team and have sent a DM to see if they can jump in here :blush:.
I still recommend raising a ticket to support@knack.com too. :+1:

Hey @AndrewUK, thanks for reaching out. Just to confirm that @Max is on the case and is in contact with you on your ticket.

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