Upgrade multiple choice field to an object

I would like to be able to easily convert a multiple choice field to a connection so that I can add more details to the selection.

The case
Sometimes its necesarry to make rules or calculations in an object depending on a detail of something chosen in a multiple choice field.

In my case, i had made a multiple choice field where the user could choose which product they were producing.

A multiple choice field was sufficient untill a year later I needed to make calculations depending on the individual product’s density.

I was hoping to just make a new object with the same names of the products and changing the the multiple choice field to a connection to the new “products” object. That didnt work, so i had to make the object manually, manually update all records with the new connection and then scour my system to see where i might have used the data from the multiple choice field.

Proposed solution
Ideally, there could be a function that upgraded multiple choice field to an object, and then changed the field to a connection to said object in one click. No one wants too many objects cluttering the setup, so multiple choice fields are great untill you want more details, then you have to start the tedious task of converting it to an actual object.

Hey @MartinJako77941 - nice idea but it’s quite an edge case so not sure if this would ever happen. Not sure how simple it would be to convert and multi-choice field to an object with one click.
I understand your situation as I’ve tried to explain the advantages and disadvantages of multi-choice fields.

Hi @MartinJako77941 , @CarlHolmes

Interestingly, this is something that Airtable does in exactly the way suggested - it creates a new table and populates with all the values from the field and creates the connection (it will do this from multiple field types in fact). There are many ways in which Knack is FAR superior to AT - but it definitely has strengths when it comes to manipulating data.

So I can see exactly where @MartinJako77941 is coming from and I don’t think it would be all that hard to achieve - the bigger issue would be how high up Knack’s list this could be at the moment!

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Thanks, I hope it can be of help to others in the same situation :slight_smile: