Update records when multiple choice option updated in builder

As a builder, I want to be able to change wording on a multiple choice options and have the records with that option selected updated so that they update automatically rather than me having to create the new option, filter by the old option, block update the records with the old option to the new option and then delete the old option. It’s time consuming for a small change eg when a user asks for the wording of an option to be slightly changed and exists as a standard feature in other build your own database packages e.g. Airtable.

Hi @Alice - you may find this video of use. I would highly recommend using a connected object. If you update the connected value it cascades all the changes to the records, unlike a simple multi-choice field.

Multi Choice Fields - Knack Database

Hi @CarlHolmes

That’s a brilliant video - thank you so much for sharing it. You’re absolutely right about the workaround but I still think the ability to change and archive multiple choice options should be a standard feature as it is in most other packages. It’s quite a lot of work to create a connected object, and fields and views for all the multiple choice fields.

What would be your advice on how to best convert all those multiple choices into connected objects? Any chance you have a step by step guide? And am I going to run into any issues with adding so many more objects?

Thanks so much as always for your help!

Hi Alice,

What would be your advice on how to best convert all those multiple choices into connected objects.

Are you multi-choice options single or multiple options?

Knack can’t update a new field based on an existing field (an append query). So I’d create a simple update scenario using Make (formerly Integromat)
I’ve done this several times before so if you need help I’d be happy to do a one hour chargeable Zoom session with you.

Not done a video for this particular query. :cry:

Thanks Carl, I think I’m going to take you up on that as I’ve discovered another connected issue - if you are using the multiple choice field as a filter on a table then any change on the multiple choice causes the filter to stop working as the change doesn’t up date there either. A total nightmare when you have a ton of views using it!