"Other" option in multiple choice fields

I would love the ability to have a built in "Other" option for Multiple choice fields. Right now I must created a second field and have an option for "Other" which I then must create a display rule for. However then my data is within 2 fields and it complicates the process. I know I can technically allow front end users to add an option on their own, but then that option is added for the entire app.

Marks suggestion is a good work around that I've used a lot of times. However I think making it a built in feature of Multiple choice fields, rather than just recommending the above work around, would have a lot of benefits not limited to saving development time.

The fact that it would get stored as two separate fields anyway isn't really a reason not to do it, as addresses in knack already do something similar. Address fields aren't really just one field but a consolidation of other fields, which can still be accessed separately using equations and exports etc.

The added benefits of making it an integrated feature comes down to how it displays.

For someone who is filling out a form and clicks other it could make it clearer that the data entry field that appears for other is explicitly related by having it inline with the other option with "Other" changing to "Other: ______" when selected. Whereas when manually designing without careful thought it can make the interface messy or unclear.

For those working with the data say they have a table displaying fields that include multiple choices with an other, you can't see the additional information related to other unless you add the field for Other to the table. However doing this you've cluttered your table for the sake of a field that isn't always applicable. If you want to declutter then you have to make a new field using a text equation to combine the multiple choice field and the other field into one. However this can be tricky to format nicely as whilst you might want other to appear as "Other: User Inputted text" you don't want you other options to appear as "Option 1: ". Furthermore by doing this workaround to declutter you have ruled out your ability to inline edit within tables.

Mark's suggestion is what we officially recommend. Based on how values are stored in the database you'd need these in two separate fields anyway.

Thanks for your input. Your method can definitely work, but its still requires a lot of work. I have the highest plan in Knack with many apps and hundreds of fields... this would be impossible to maintain. As you can see from the attachment - I've used many other form builders that have that option and it seems like a no brainer for knackhq to add this feature.


You are right though and there are I'm sure other ways too of getting around this but I want it in the actual field.

I see, you would like generic and custom options per user. This can be done by creating a separate object with two fields, one for the value and one for a connection to a user. Then you can have the field shown with filter: all the options where the connection is blank. Then, if the user selects 'Other' have a display rule to show the same field but with a filter where the connection is the logged in user. On this field allow the user to add new options. Doesn't get around the display rule but does allow you to have just one field. Not perfect, but to do exactly as you would like would take some javascript development. If you would like some custom javascript development done (or any Knack project development done), please email me at: mark+knack@appweaverz.com

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Yes, but how do I know what the "Other" is? I need an actual. For example I have a question for "Profession" with 25 options. But I can't possibly have every profession in that list. So when they select other, it doesn't help me.


Can't you simply add another option called 'Other' to the end of the multiple choice field? I've done this lots...