Two views, one page (more content for registered users to drive registrations)

Would be really cool if there was a function where the builder could choose to show page elements and search results based on login status. And the builder can choose the messaging to show non logged in users or hide altogether.

So someone comes to my site, they are not registered. They view some of my content, but there are elements of the page which say 'please login to see results'. This would help me drive registrations.

Similarly, would be cool if someone could run an advanced search, but instead of seeing the results table, it states 'please register/login to view results'.

I know you can sort of accomplish some of this with different pages and views, but it's a pain to set up. Would be amazing if this was a native feature.

So this could be easily accomplished if I could set page rules on any page, not just pages with logins. For example:


Page Rule - if logged in user status does not = active, hide XYZ Table view and display message "Please register to see this"

Or you could set page rule to show completely different tables based on logged in status where one only displays limited records and includes message to register to see full info.

Then the builder just has to include multiple objects on each page and set the rules accordingly. This would be a game changer for my site. How come we can't set rules for pages without logins?