Page Rules for Logged User

We need Page Rules to work with Logged-in User!

Thats beyond me! Sorry.

Actually, not for me. I need this rule to hide forms for users that are in the user role, but with different positions in a relationship. For example, one user is the buyer and the other the seller. I need this because the same user can be in both positions, but in different view records. So the rule would be if the logged in user is not the seller, hide this form.

ahh - the user is logged in or not logged in?

Could that not be "user name is blank"

What Im requesting here is the rule for logged in user in the second combo box of your first line. Where you have a contain option, I want to set a rule specific for logged in users


Within the builder "pages" - select rules:

How? Can you send a print?

I have page rules for logged in users.