New Builder: Improved "Add view" wizard

Improved “Add View” wizard: We went back to the drawing board on the best way to add a new view, and we’re really proud of the results. Our main goal was to make adding views really clear, particularly in those complex cases where you’re working with objects two connections away. For example, if you want to add a view that displays records from one object connected to another object that then connects to the logged-in user, it can be a lot to process :sweat_smile:. With the new builder we’ve completely overhauled the wizard so you are only dealing with one step at a time, and each choice is very clear.

Improved connection clarity: Here’s an example of adding a view when you may have multiple connections between the same objects to pick from. In the current builder it’s a bit of a mess. Now it only displays when a choice is required and its obvious exactly which connection you’re choosing. Otherwise connections stay out of the way.

Improved child page creation: We’ve also improved child page creation when adding a new table or list. You can automatically add links to child pages with multiple views. This is more flexible than the current builder—there’s no limit on the types of views or how many you can add to the child page.