Trigger an Action link to use field value rather than static link text

Trigger an action is a handy feature when added as a column to a table.
It would be nice for the field value describing the action could be displayed in place of a static text.

Here is an example of where it would be handy

  1. Add multiple choice field in table called Action with values of “Approved” / “Undo”
  2. A Yes/No field called Approved.
  3. A conditional rule is set that
    • if Approved=‘No’, then Action=‘Approve’
    • if Approved=‘Yes’, then Action=‘Undo’
  4. Trigger an action will do as follows:
    • If Action =‘Approve’; set Approved to ‘Yes’
    • If Action =‘Undo’; set Approved to ‘No’

This would be really useful because it support 2 single click updates concisely within one column of the table.

It would also be nice if there was an option to an icon rule on this field.