Allow builders to create buttons that have pre-programmed actions

What I mean is to have a button on a table that I can set conditional rules for what hitting that button would do. For example a user can click the button and that has conditional rules that automatically changes a certain value to another pre-set value or ideally could change multiple values based on conditional rules. The "button" display could be an icon from Knack's icon list, or text, or whatever.

I imagine this could work similarly to setting record rules in an edit field where I can set rules to change various fields once an edit field is submitted. However I'd like to put this functionality in tables without putting users through edit fields and new windows.

One way this could be done is to create a field for objects like a "conditional rules button" and in the object you could choose how the button is displayed (icon, text, etc), and what pressing the button does, and a table can just display it in a column like it would a link field.

This would be great - it would be fantastic it it could also trigger a webhook!