Tasks and reminders - 4 weeks before etc

I am trying to run a task that triggers a set time before an entered date.

Scenario is someone enters the expiry date of their safety flares.

i want to send one email 4 weeks before they expire. Another email 2 weeks before they expire and one on the day they expire.

I see there is the option ‘is before the previous x days’, but I can’t work out if this is a single day e.g. it will trigger 28 days only, or will it trigger every day up to 28 days, or every day after 28 days?

anyone had any experience.

I don’t particularly want to add a flag to say it’s been run, as when the new flares are ordered, they will amend the date and then a flag will have been set and won’t send next time etc etc


Hi Andrew,

An alternative to trying to sort the “previous days” and similar date options is to use a couple of date equation fields. These fields allow you to use the expiration date field and add/subtract a number from the date. You can then add a rule for each task that would use the number of days value (date equation on “is” 28, or date equation “is” 14, for example).

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