Task - Thank you email

Hi - my client is a property manager. They want to start sending thank you emails 2 days after their renter departs. I have a "Rental History" object that has both past and future renters. How do I set up the task to start sending the emails without sending one to everyone in the past and everyone in the future? The way I've set it up now takes care of the past but sends an email to all future renters.


Yes, adding 2 days is what I ended up doing. Thank you so much for your help.

Hi Allison

There is another approach which just requires you to create a calculate field for the reminder date - by adding two days to the en date of the booking:



You can then have your daily task check for Thank you email date is today:


As Brad says, if you don't take this approach I would recommend Integromat - it also has the additional benefit of actually sending the emails via your email account which makes them much less likely to end up in your customer's junk mail.


Hi Allison,

Maybe another field in your Renter object "ThankYouEmailSent" - and another task that sets that to True with the same rules set at a time just after your task above.

Then modify your task above adding the filter (When) ThankYouEmailSent is False (or is not True for old entries).

It's not perfect as it assumes everything just works, so for any error catching I reckon Integromat would be the way to go here.