Task - send email based on date field

I’m trying to create a task that sends a custom email based on a Date field. I want to send the email only once when the Date field is exactly 14 days away.

How can I set the date logic so the task only triggers once?

For example, if I select “within the current 14 days,” the task will send an email to that record every single day within that 14 day period, right? Not good.


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Hi Dan,

Run when the following criteria is true:

{DATE} is before the previous 13 days
{DATE} is during the previous 14 days
(Runs daily)


Hey Ian -

For a date in the future?

Use case: we’re a wedding company. We want to send a reminder email to couples 14 days before their wedding, and we only want to send it once!

For a date in the future, you can flip it.

{DATE} is after the next 13 days
{DATE} is during the next 14 days
(Runs daily)

Makes sense. Thanks Ian!

What about 3 months? Should it be:

After the next 2 Months
During the next 3 Months
(Runs weekly)

You’re welcome!

What about 3 months? Should it be:

After the next 2 Months
During the next 3 Months
(Runs weekly)

To confirm, is your goal to send a weekly email when the wedding is 3 months away?

I have a custom project by the way, and was just browsing your website. I’m planning to schedule a call soon!

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No, I only want to send 1 email when the wedding is 3 months away.

You could say:

{DATE} is during the next 3 months
{DATE} is after the next 11 weeks
(Runs monthly)

Untested, but should lead you there.

When the task runs on January 1, all April weddings (April 1 through April 30) receive the email. So it’s not exactly 3 months but approximately.

It’s worth noting that Knack’s terminology when talking about dates is a bit tricky.

During the next 14 days is different from during the next 2 weeks, even though they sound exactly the same.

  • During the next 14 days means exactly what it says. It’s literally 14 days.
  • During the next 2 weeks means 2 weeks beginning on the next Sunday. (Note: A Knack week starts on Sunday).

Example: October 4
During the next 14 days would mean: From now until October 18.
During the next 2 weeks would mean: The entire weeks starting October 9th and October 16th.

Just add a formula field based on date for the date you require and send the email based on that date …

@andrewstee38626 I believe he would welcome a formula approach; the tricky part is writing that formula. Feel free to share any ideas.

It should be capable of handling weddings that are the following year (e.g. Today is October 4, 2022. Wedding Date is January 4, 2023). The task will send 1 email when a wedding date is 3 months away.

So the formula field would be (wedding date)+90+365 and set as a date … perhaps call it “requireddate”

This would take the wedding date plus 365 to add a year and then the other amount of days needed. In this case 3 months = 90 days

The resultant date 2oykd then be used in the task to trigger the email

Send when “requireddate” is today.


Sounds promising! Impressed.

I have a similar situation this works for me, try this.

Create an Equation field:

  1. Name: DaysToWedding
  2. Equation Type: Date
  3. Date Type: Days
  4. Result Type: Number

In the editor: {weddingdate}>0 ? {weddingdate}-currentTime():999

Run a task daily looking for DaysToWedding = 30 (or whenever)
This will turn minus when the weddingdate is in the past and could be used for a “How did we do” email.