Run a task based on the end date of a date range

I have a little app where users can “check out” items from inventory. During the checkout process, there is a date field where they select the date range that they need the item.
I want to send the user an email on the day the item is due back. So far, I have only been able to see where I can set a rule on the first day of the date range. For example, if a user checked out an item from 3/20/23 to 3/25/23, I can only set the rule for 3/20/23.
I could get around this by having 2 date fields, one for check out date and one for return date. I already have several hundred entries in my database and if possible would like to avoid making that change and having to manually update all of those records.

This should help:


That worked, thank you!

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Excellent :+1: