Set follow-up / reminder email with update record action

Hi Again!

So I set up bookings in my app. I want to set up an automated task to send a reminder email 7 days out from the booking, and then again 1 day out from the booking.

When each follow up email is sent, i want it to update a status field in the object.

Is this possible?

Hi @Guy1

The way I think you can do this is to set up 2 tasks that run 1 after the other.

The first task will send the email and the second will update the field.

E.g email sends at 2pm then second task runs at 2.05 pm updates field to email sent.

Hope this is what you are looking for.


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Thank you for your reply Craig.

I will check this out.

As a sanity check; if I want to send a reminder email so that it occurs when the booking date is in 7 days, which criteria setting should I use?

I think it is “during the next”, but my brain thinks this will send it every day. I can’t stop getting there should be an option “in x days from now” type thing


The way I would do this is to have a date equation field that is your event - 7 days.

Then a task that runs daily with the condition that if the date equation is today send an email.

This way means there is no ambiguity.


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Brilliant. Thanks
This also suggests to me that just using the equation field for all of the follow-up emails I have planned leading up to the booking that I won’t need to use the status criteria to find the booking and therefore it will be much cleaner especially for post email updating of the status

Excuse the lack of punctuation as I am driving and using speech to text!

Yes completely. No status required. Just 2 date equation fields event - 1 & event minus 7 and 2 email tasks.