Send emails to select contacts only (Tasks)

I have setup tasks to send reminder emails to customer contacts about their forthcoming booking. But I cannot set criteria that lets me pick and choose which contacts within a customer account to send to.

My customers have many contacts, and emails should only go to the appropriate contact which i have categorised by multiple-choice fields.

I sense that if i create a contact category object connected to the contact, i might get more power within app pages to do this, but i am not so sure, and especially as tasks seem to be more limited in this function.

I could create separate contact objects for each category, but that might get a bit crazy…

any suggestions?


Hi @Guy1,

Apologies if I’m misunderstanding your app’s setup, but would it make sense to use the multiple-choice field in your task criteria since that is how your contacts are categorized? Just brainstorming based on your explanation above. :slight_smile:

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Best of luck! :nerd_face:

Thanks Les

let’s see how i go!

My customers are Buildings. Buildings are managed by people (contacts). In my buildings object, i have a connection to Contacts (many to many).

The contacts serve a variety of roles for which we categorise them using a multiple-choice field. These include billing, management, onsite access, etc - some contacts serve multiple roles.

From time to time we send pre-defined emails for different reasons. Let’s use the reason of scheduling a service call to their building. In this scenario, we only need to email the contacts who are categorised as ‘onsite access’. We send the first email when the schedule is set, then they receive reminders, 7-days out, and 1-day out.

On our booking page, which is a grid for buildings object, i have set up a trigger that emails the contacts connected to the building. At the moment all contacts receive the email. I then have tasks setup against the buildings object to send the reminder emails. Again, all connected contacts receive the email.

In both the trigger in the building grid, and in the tasks setup, I can find no place to designate the multiple choice field as criteria to limit the email to the onsite access person(s).

I planned to add screenshots here, but I think the above is fairly clear? let me know if you want me to show you a screenshot.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts