Tabbed Menu - Active Link text/fill Color not only for children

Hi guys,

An easy improvement here: right now in the Tabbed Menu, when you click on a Menu Tab, only the children pages enjoy an Active Link text/fill Color; but not any other pages of same level or higher.

In my case it creates confusion in the user experience, because the goal of the Tabbed Menu is to serve as a reference navigating various pages; and when some of them do not have their Tab highlighted the user just lost his ubicaction. ref the Tabbed Menu.

So I request that ALL pages in a Tabbed Menu should enjoy an Active Link text/fill Color, not only the children.


Hi, Michael!

Thank you for sharing and contributing here in the forum! This is a great point to make in terms of user experience, and I can see where this would be confusing to many. I’ve shared your request with the Product team. :slight_smile:

Happy Knacking!


I just found out that my request is even more needed:

Not only the Tab in the Tabbed Menu does not highlight if not a children, but it also impact the PAGE Menu and un-highlight the page. …and if the link of the Tabbed Menu goes to a page that does NOT Include this page in the Page Menu - which is my use-case - than the user is completely lost. Lost relatively to the Tabbed Menu and to the Page Menu.

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Thanks for sharing those additional notes, Michael! I’ve shared this in the original request as well. :slight_smile:

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