Menu as Tabs not sticky

I am having an issue where a Menu View is not sticking to the top of the page when I have it set as a Tabbed Menu. Normally this works without any trouble but I have a specific scenario where it is not working.

I have a page with three different Menu Views. One menu for standard users, one for managers, and one for admins. I’m using page rules to hide two out of the three menus depending on the user role. Each menu is set to a tabbed menu. Whichever menu I have highest on the page will function as expected. I can click on the various buttons and the entire menu stays at the top of the page just like a tabbed menu should. However, if the user role is such that it hides the highest menu and displays either of the other two, when you click on a button the tabbed menu goes away and you have to use the crumbtrail or the navigation buttons to get back to the menu.

Anybody have an idea if this is normal and/or if there is a solution? I have zero coding ability so I would have no idea how to do this with Java or CSS.

Thanks in advance for any tips or tricks!