Summing up columns


I’m trying to sum up an entire column field that I would like to use in an equation to derive some other metrics. How do I:

  1. Write that summation in the schema
  2. Reference that summation in a subsequent equation field.

I found a way to sum up entire columns under pages but that’s not what I’m looking for as there doesn’t appear to be a way to reference that result.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Hector - You can sum and count connected child records in the schema. You’ll need to add a parent object connected to the records so you can sum them. You’ll then be able to reference that total. The parent object will only have one record so it’s being used as a summary table to sum and count the connected record values.

I did that and it worked. Thanks

Hi @Hector - happy to help and glad that this worked for you. Can you mark this thread as solved please.