How do I add up fields in an object?

Hi there,

I have an object called students - in that object I have a field called number of hours spent.

I have another object called impact and I just want to total the number of hours in that field for all student records. For the life of me I cannot get it to work.

I have made the right connections between objects - but unless I select the students in the records it will not just add up all of them on its own. When this is running I want a live number of hours across all students to just add up.

Can someone help me? please :)

Hello: First you must have the impact table as a parent, and create the student table as a child, create an impact and then select it and create the hours for each student, thus adding them automatically.


Luis G.

The student record would need to be connected to the Impact record in order for the record to be included in any total - is this the issue you are having?