Adding Table Column Values

Looking for a solution to add the values in a particular field in a table. I know how to make this work in a page view using column summaries under settings but I would like to this to be done a particular table or connection in the “background” and NOT on a page view.

Example of what I need: If a table has 100 records and each record has a value in field_5 of “3”, the column total for field_5 would be “300”. But if the value in one of the records in field_5 is changed to “10” the column total for field_5 would now be “307” (993, 110). This would be similar to the way you add a particular column in Excel (example: =sum(A1:A100)).

Unfortunately for me, it is more complex than a simple Excel formula, thus the request for help.

Thank you in advanced… JON

Hi @Jon1, if you don’t want to use the column summaries, you can use the Sum field on a connected object.
In the below example, we have the Counts table with Quantity, Date, and a Connection field. Each time a Quantity is submitted, you should have a record rule that ties it to one particular record in the Parent table (in my example, the ‘All counts’ record).

Separately, I have a Parent table, which has a Name and Sum field.

The Sum field is summing up all records in the Quantity field. If you need to, you can also add a filter.

The drawback of this method is that it is not a dynamic sum, so if you want to apply any ‘on-the-fly’ filters, it will not alter the sum.

You can read more about Sum fields here.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks Stephen for the reply. Will give it a try… JON