SMS in Record Actions

We can already add a ‘send email’ action to a button in a column of a grid. I’d like to have the option to send an SMS instead, or as well.

Thank you.

Hey Neil. Great Idea!
This is currently possible with a little bit of a workaround -

Sending an SMS in Knack is possible but will take some set up and manual input. Additionally, sending the text would work more like sending an email.

A little bit of background…

Most cell carriers have a standard nomenclature that they use if sending a message to a phone number from your email client. For example, in order to send an email to a phone number who’s cell carrier is AT&T you would need to use the following email format: [phonenumber] EX.

You could build out your forms to capture the phone number and cell phone carrier. You can even go as far as using a text formula to combine these two fields. Either way you would ultimately need to manually input this new email address into a new email field. You can then use this new email field to send notifications to, along with the email notifications.

Hi Ally , and thanks for the detailled message. Its obviously possible to do this. First of all I’m in the UK, and so
I dont know if the method works exactly here relating to carriers. However, we are a business of caterers and I had a vision that someone writes a clever bit of code and my part in this would be that we’d hold a mobile number against the user record, and in the action field we select SMS, rather than email from a drop down list, and as if by magic, thats what happens and we send them an SMS. I don’t want to sound facetious, but I don’t need to know how its done, in fact I dont want to know how its done. Thats your skill base. I just want to use it. I have resigned myself to never having this feature available, btw. I can’t imagine it would be relevant to lots of users, and I’m sure you can use the development time more effectively. I was just reading through some of the new feature ideas, which are mostly low level ones and I thought I’d stick my dimes worth in.! Its just a nice little function that doesn’t sound like months of work. Warm regards Neil

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Neil, you are absolutely spot on. It is our responsibility to listen to our wonderful clients and make sure that they are getting what they want and need out of this product.

Thanks for adding this feature request - I am sure there are plenty of other companies who will benefit from a feature like this!