Sending MMS Messages?

Has anyone out there used any flexible services/APIs to send MMS from within Knack?

Hey @JoeJAZ, I’ve never dealt with this use case, but it would require a combination of a MMS messaging service like Twilio or the like, combined with Make/Zapier for the integration.

I’ve used Make and Twilio to send text messages with images attached. I presume this is MMS. I don’t have any active use cases for this currently that I can share but it was pretty easy to setup. The scenario used to send a SMS text message to U.K. based engineers with job details, including a picture.

Hi Carl, with pictures or GIF, that’s MMS. SMS is simply text. Is helping me with a reusable module for this to integrate into a very simple Knack app something you would consider engaging for < $1,000

Thanks Stephen. Appreciate the input,

Hey JoeJAZ… I am a Knack client/builder… I have a texting component to my member database that was developed by @andyoneil of Weblytica who used Make and Telnyx. @DaveParrish from Knack Builders also helped me develop the component. I initially tried Twilio but had a horrible experience with their customer service. I have since switched over to Telnyx and they have been rock solid in customer service.

Great insights Michael! I’ll do my homework on Telnyx and reach out to both persons! .Really appreciate you sharing your experience and advice. Thanks!!

@JoeJAZ - @andyoneil and @DaveParrish are good friends so I’m sure they will be able to help you if you reach out. :+1:

Thank you!