Send SMS and emails to group of records direct from app

Hello - wondering if anyone can help, or might be able to point me to a developer who could do this work for me.

I run a small charity for disabled children based in Glasgow, Scotland, and our Knack is used by a team of volunteers to store data about our members and volunteers. We use it to communicate with parents/carers, but at the moment we extract data every so often to a third party app to send SMS messages and emails, and that is both cumbersome but also prone to error as the data isn’t always up to date, and it involved volunteers having two more apps to access.

I’d like to be able to use connected records in Knack to send an SMS direct from our app, and group emails direct from the app where users just select the record groups and type out a message and it sends. I recognise this might need connections to other apps but I am not an expert in that and could just use some help.

First I guess, is it even possible?

We would be happy to pay someone to develop this for us if it is possible but we obviously have a fairly limited budget given the fact we have to fundraise for our costs.

Thanks very much in advance!

Glasgow Disabled Scouts

Hi Michael,

I have used Soluntech who are a knack expert partner to help us with developing additional functionality with knack. They have proven to be reliable and affordable. I recommend reaching out to them to talk through your needs…

Best of luck!