Single Filter for Multiple Reports - "Dashboard" view

I have a "Dashboard" created with about a dozen pivot tables, however, I am required to manually update the filters for each one individually. This is obviously quite time consuming and frustrating, especially when referring to setting the Date range.

I would like the ability set the date range once and automatically populate each report's filters accordingly. I understand that since the reports may be accessing different data sources that this will likely require a code that will need to be manually updated with the applicable field name for each table.

I'm willing to pay for working code.

Thanks for the tip, Justin.

I would like to add a dashboard with this type of functionality as well. Knowing that knack doesn't support it natively, this seems like a possibility in the meantime. What we've been doing as a work-around is connecting Power BI via API. Power BI's dashboarding capabilities are robust.

The easiest way to do this is to analyze what the url looks like with the filters applied and then reverse engineer it. you can build then build a dynamic url in knack where you enter your date inputs and it spits out a variable url that applies to all of the pivot reports. This is a super helpful tool for analyzing the url.