Pivot tables

I would like users to be able to add filters to pivot table reports just like they can on tables displaying records. E.g. Users can then filter records between date periods.

I know you can set the filter in the interface but if you need to find records between a new set of dates you have to reset the interface filters which I do not want users to have access to.

Hi Chris

I agree, that the pivot table report could use a shot in the arm, but I wanted to mention that you can change the column names by clicking on the "options" text next to each row, column or calculation.

I hope that helps.

Kind regards


The pivot tables are awful still in 2018. You can't set names for columns and the whole thing is incredibly limited and unintuitive.

Sounds great Nicolas. I'll look forward to it.

In addition to user-defined filters, it would also be great if the pivot table had the option to:

Ignore rows

- where the Calculated column values (e.g Calculated Total Number of Records) and Totals equal 0.

This would make the presented results so much more useful. My reporting includes a few dimensions that defined as rows - Consequently, there are a lot of combinations that get displayed in a pivot table with most rows containing values of zero.

A simple "Ignore Rows with 0 values" flag is all that is needed in the Report settings.