Global Filters

Hi, need some pointers on how best to design my views/reports.

I have currently several views (reports) made out of many tables/reports.

I would like to have the same set of reports but filtered for different conditions/users.

Is there a way of doing this that does not involve duplicating the view and manually editing the source for each report/table using filters?

Pointers would be great.



I have a dashboard page where I have a couple of reports (pivot table and bar chart) as well as a table below. I'd like to filter to one single client at the top and have that filter apply to both reports as well as the table. For a dynamic filter like this or date range, it needs to apply to everything n the Page.

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I also need this ability. Actually, I would like to take it a step further and have a page where they set a filter and then I apply that filter to a number of pages with multiple views via Javascript. Anyone have any ideas on how to write that?