Global Filters for Charts/Reports to Apply to All Charts/Reports within a View

As an end user of my application who works with a dashboard containing multiple charts/reports, I want to be able to apply a global filter to ALL of the reports/charts inside a single view simultaneously so that I can quickly filter my data without needing to apply filters one-at-a-time per each chart which is tiresome and inconvenient. This issue becomes especially cumbersome when working with a Dashboard that contains multiples charts/reports.

To elaborate, I only want the global filter to apply to charts/reports inside the same view. Not the entire scene. This way builders can group related Dashboard content by view to let users quickly control their visual information by filtering per view as opposed to per chart. Please keep the per chart filter ability. But also make it faster for end users by letting them apply a global filter; visually this could look like a Slicer.